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Circle PCA Sermons

Circle PCA is a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America located at 4285 Woodbine Road in Pace Florida.  It is our goal to reach the emerging generation with the timeless truths of the gospel.  Please download and share these sermons with others as you wish.  We pray that you are helped and blessed by them.  Thank you.

Nov 11, 2015

Romans 12:1-2.  As one author notes, "The logic, as always in Christian ethics, is not 'You ought, therefore you can' but 'You can, therefore you ought.'"  How is it even possible to "offer yourselves as living sacrifices to God" when by nature, you have no desire to do so?  How often do you feel yourself getting worse...

Nov 11, 2015

Romans 11:1-36.  How sad to go through life being so judgmental of others, so angry, feeling so entitled, assuming oneself destined for the festive banquet to come, and yet being so sincerely mistaken.  Here Paul speaks a word of encouragement to the wall warmers.  The losers.  The blind.  The lame.  The...