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Circle PCA Sermons

Circle PCA is a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America located at 4285 Woodbine Road in Pace Florida.  It is our goal to reach the emerging generation with the timeless truths of the gospel.  Please download and share these sermons with others as you wish.  We pray that you are helped and blessed by them.  Thank you.

Feb 28, 2013

1 Samuel 17:50-18:9.  God fights for those who fight for Him and He honors those who honor him.  Because David trusted God to enable him to face Goliath, in return, God honored David before Saul, Jonathan, and all the people.  Some of you may not have achieved as much as you might, because you want it for all the wrong...

Feb 28, 2013

1 Samuel 17: 1-50.  God fights for those who fight for Him.  When David went forth to fight Goliath, he had to first face the contempt of his own brother, the doubting mind of Saul, and then the giant himself.  But since God has a passion for His own glory, David was confident of the outcome even before the battle...

Feb 28, 2013

1 Samuel 16:14-23.  God is a hound Who will not stop pursuing regardless of how much you might try to outrun Him.  You can never escape His presence and He makes it very difficult to forget that He is here.  And this should be a great comfort especially during those times where attempts to fix yourself or solve your own...

Feb 7, 2013

1 Samuel 15:1-35.  Sometimes we are more concerned about what other people think of us than we are about what God thinks of us.  Here, Saul learns that God desires a broken and contrite heart rather than mere religious performance.