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Circle PCA Sermons

Circle PCA is a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America located at 4285 Woodbine Road in Pace Florida.  It is our goal to reach the emerging generation with the timeless truths of the gospel.  Please download and share these sermons with others as you wish.  We pray that you are helped and blessed by them.  Thank you.

Oct 23, 2012

1 Samuel 6:20-7:6.  During the 20 years that the ark remained at Kiriath Jearim, Eleazer, Samuel, and the people of Israel all learned that something is always happening, even when it doesn't seem like anything is happening at all.

Oct 16, 2012

1 Samuel 6:1-21. The Philistines discovered that God is the One True God impossible to ignore.  Here in chapter 6, they and the Israelites discover that He is also the God you cannot avoid.  God demonstrates His love when He reveals Himself to us as gracious, faithful, powerful, and holy.  And especially when He does...

Oct 1, 2012

1 Samuel 5:1-12.  God has a way of making it impossible to ignore Him.  He can make some noise as it were, by toppling the idols in our life and by altering our life circumstances as a means of leading us to a point of decision concerning Him.